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Patria annual report

This report is a summery of the report publicized by Patria Oy in March 2008. This summery will give an overview of what has been and is keeping Patria busy and shows how this company is dragging the Finnish State further into the international arms trade. From the annual report I selected the parts that are interesting, so if you want some more detail, you can look up the report yourself on:

New orders: 568.0 million
Net sales: 541.2 million
Net sales outside of Finland: 49 %

Significant events 2007

  • 264 Patria AMV's to South Africa (together with BAE Systems and Denel).

  • Development of UAV's for Finnish army to replace mines.

  • Development of Patria Namo mortar system for boats of Finnish army.

  • Maintenance support agreement for Nordic countries helicopters.

  • Delivery of first Patria helicopter for Swedish Forces.

  • Acquisition of Tekla's business (command and control systems and fire control systems).

  • 84 Patria AMV's to Croatia (built by Duro Dakovic Special Vehicles in Slavonski Brod).

  • Cooperation agreement with Lockheed Martin for American Marine Personnel Carier.

  • Agreement with NHIndustries for development helicopter life cycle support services and service for Nordic countries.

  • Patria AMV's to United Arab Emirates.

  • Finnish Military decision to use Millog Oy (Patria's subsidiary) for army maintenance.

Overall chit chat

  1. 'Patria delivers its solutions to its strategic partners, the Finnish Defence Forces, and international market.'

  2. 'Patria's business models and effective processes support the company to sustain a higher profitability than the industrial average.'

  3. 'We understand the nature of our operating environment and what it means to us.'

  4. 'We are proud of our work, and we want to show it!'

  5. 'We are a flexible partner.'

  6. 'We know how to interact with different people in different cultures.'

  7. 'We understand the importance of co-operation and make it possible for all of us and our partners.'

The President and CEO (Jorma Wiitakorpi) says:
'The year 2007 was successful for Patria Group. We won several international contracts and now we are an active partner already on four continents. In cooperation with our customers and suppliers, we found a positive solution on the domestic market regarding the NH90 transport helicopter project as well as material maintenance for the Finnish army.'

  • Heavy investments in export business.

  • Vehicle and weapon systems and ammunition operations exceeded targets.

  • Successful cooperation with local partners.

  • 'During the year under review, a key milestone was the preparation of a new defence and security strategy in cooperation with the authorities.'

  • 'In 2007, I was pleased to notice that according to surveys, Patria is is an interesting employer for both technical engineering students and young professionals.'


  • 'In the future, Finland also intends to take active part in international crisis management operations and defence policy cooperation within the EU.'

  • 'The Finnish Defence Forces and Patria have for many years adapted their operations, systems and material maintenance to comply with NATO standards.'

  • Key development priorities: EU, NATO states and Arabian Peninsula.

  • EDA (European Defence Agency) to open up American market for European arms industry.

Land Solutions

  • Patria owns 19,9 % in EURENCO.

  • 'An active presence in local markets is the basis for successful international operations.'

Systems and solutions

  • 'The establishment of Kauhava's multinational pilot training centre has been a major effort of Patria and the Finnish Air Force.'


  • 'Patria cooperates closely with educational institutes and takes part in curriculum development. For example, Patria and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences have begun a production-oriented aviation engineering program. Patria is also developing composite technology training in cooperation with with the Jamsa Region's Vocational Training Centre, and aircraft mechanic training in cooperation with several vocational college.'


And that was the report. I hope you did get an overview of Patria's operations and how these operations are not just sustaining the Finnish army, but also the international arms trade.

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